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Global 5000

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The Bombardier Global 5000 corporate jet aircraft outclasses all competitors in one affirming declaration of style and performance. This powerful and luxurious aircraft provides unequaled comfort, at unmatched speeds and over unsurpassed distances. More versatile than any business jet in their class, Global 5000 aircraft allow access to even the most challenging airfields around the world. Developed from breakthrough Global Express technologies and with its heritage of stringent certification standards, the Bombardier Global 5000 business jet not only outperforms the competition, it is exceptionally efficient to own, maintain and fly - a superb, cutting-edge addition to the Bombardier family of high-performance business jets. More cabin space and comfort for living and working, faster and more short-field capable than any in its class, technology that totally entertains, or elevates productivity.

Heavy Jets
A/C Type
10 h 15 min
Max Flight Time
9015 km
Max. range
900 km/h

Detailed Specifications

Cabin length
Cabin Height
Cabin width
Maximum 14 pax
Passenger Capacity
Yes, Available
Flight Attendant
Seating Plan
Max Passengers: 14
cabin image

Flight Distance

Flight Duration: 10 hours 15 minutes

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