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A new way of air travel, reinventing the business class experience by enabling passengers to book seats on private jets for the same price as business class tickets, without membership fees.

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800 km/h
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How it works

JetClass is a brand new approach in booking flights on private jets to scheduled popular destinations within Europe for the price of a business class ticket. The service is just as simple to use as any other booking platform, offering travelers the enjoyment of a private aircraft, short queues at business air terminals and excellent treatment throughout the whole journey at a touch of a button with no membership fees.

Trendy destinations are picked out by an Artificial Intelligence engine through an elaborate analysis of Big Data, ensuring that we always have an offer ready for our business travelers when there is a significant demand for it, shifting your flight from a tedious routine to a truly enjoyable experience worthy of looking forward to. Once a seat is booked, an aircraft is reserved from our partners, all of which are leading licensed airlines in business aviation market with excellent European service and high safety standards. Your flight is then guaranteed with no risk of airfare or schedule changes - all is left is the excitement of an upcoming journey!

Convenience of our passengers is our top priority - that is why JetClass flights can be reserved not only through our Jetclass.com website, but also on popular booking websites and through many travel agencies. A wide range of payment options for the reservations are available, including all types of credit cards, wire transfers, with some partner companies accepting cash payments as well.

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Who we are

JetClass was founded by the business aviation guru Vladislav Zenov, and tech-entrepreneur Wagas Ali. The same visionary team who also founded Charterscanner, which is today the leading private jet booking platform for B2C, empowering its customers to charter a jet within 10 minutes from their smartphone.