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Falcon 7X

agile and efficient

Falcon 7X is an aircraft No. 1 in the list of Dassault Aviation business jets. Falcon 7X business jet is a new generation of aircrafts. Dassault Aviation puts all its high technologies to the Falcon 7X business jet project - flight range, speed, economy and comfort. Falcon 7X business jet can make flights for a distance up to 11,020.00 km. Falcon 7X business jet is equipped with a climatic system, which keeps a constant temperature and humidity along the whole length of the Falcon 7X cabin. Falcon 7X is also equipped with the newest system of acoustic insulation, which reduces noises and vibrations to a minimum.

Heavy Jets
A/C Type
12 h 00 min
Max Flight Time
10800 km
Max. range
900 km/h

Detailed Specifications

Cabin length
Cabin Height
Cabin width
Maximum 14 pax
Passenger Capacity
Yes, Available
Flight Attendant
Seating Plan
Max Passengers: 14
cabin image

Flight Distance

Flight Duration: 12 hours

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