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Falcon 900

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The Falcon 900 was Dassault's first foray into the heavy-iron private jet market. This is not to say that Dassault is an inexperienced company, by any means - their jets are known for having high standards of engineering, structural quality, and technological advancement - but the Falcon 900 was a step beyond where they had gone before. No matter how you look at it, the Dassault Falcon 900 is an impressive private jet. With ranges of over 5,000 miles, an incredibly comfortable cabin, and an innovative three-engine configuration, it is an enviable private jet. It is ideal for transoceanic and transcontinental trips and offers great versatility in flight planning.

Heavy Jets
A/C Type
07 h 45 min
Max Flight Time
7362.5 km
Max. range
950 km/h

Detailed Specifications

Cabin length
Cabin Height
Cabin width
Maximum 14 pax
Passenger Capacity
Yes, Available
Flight Attendant
Seating Plan
Max Passengers: 14
cabin image

Flight Distance

Flight Duration: 07 hours 45 minutes

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