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Falcon 2000 EX

the ultimate combination of range, agility and comfort

With an extra-wide cabin and space for 10 passengers, the Falcon 2000EX is perfect for long trips or flights with a large group on board. Its whisper-quiet cabin makes it easy to focus on work or relax in peace, while full flight attendant service ensures your comfort on even the longest flights. As part of our long-range programme, the Falcon 2000EX boasts advanced avionics and 7-hour range for longer business trips or exotic holidays.

Heavy Jets
A/C Type
07 h 00 min
Max Flight Time
5950 km
Max. range
850 km/h

Detailed Specifications

Cabin length
Cabin Height
Cabin width
Maximum 10 pax
Passenger Capacity
Yes, Available
Flight Attendant
Seating Plan
Max Passengers: 10
cabin image

Flight Distance

Flight Duration: 07 hours

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